Mexican Junior Offering a Hainge to Gordo

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Photographic Proof That I Am Not George Dunham

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Havin’ Good & Gettin’ Give at Ticketstock ’09

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Me and Mexican Junior are here at Ticketstock waiting for the Timewasters show to begin, after just having had our freshly-purchased copies of the “Full Disclosure” book signed by all the hosts. We even got an on-air mention during the first roundtable.

Sadly, we have yet to see any of the old school Subculture P-1s from back in the day. I hope we run into some of them while we’re here!

Richie Whitt Says Ticket Ratings Have Dropped

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According to Richie Whitt’s Sportatorium blog over at The Dallas Observer, ratings for SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket have dropped dramatically since the advent of a new Portable People Meter (PPM) system.  Hopefully, this won’t develop into a trend!


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Props to Mexican Junior for this Photoshopped greatness…

New Ticket Show for Robert Wilonsky

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According to D Magazine’s FrontBurner blog, frequent HardLine guest and world-renowned film critic, Unfair Park ranger Robert Wilonsky himself, is set to host his own weekly show Saturday nights at 11 on The Ticket.  No word yet on whether it will be called, “America, It’s Terrrrrrible.”

Saturday night?!?  So much for not rolling on Shabbos

Greggo Returns to the Airwaves

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According to Richie Whitt on his Sportatorium blog over at the Dallas Observer website, Greg “The Hammer” Williams will debut his new nightly radio show on ESPN 103.3 at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, September 8.

What’s the over/under on the first time his new co-host, RJ Choppy, gets the inevitable, “Get off the sick!” call?  I’m setting at 10 shows in.  I’ll take the under.

Hard Knocks: Separated at Birth?

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Fire Marshal Bill and Jason Garrett’s Dad

Local Talk Radio Shakeups Continue

August 13, 2008 - 5 Responses

Closing in on almost a full year since Greg “The Hammer” Williams’s last day on The HardLine, the local talk radio landscape remains extremely unsettled.  Much of the movement involves The Ticket and Live 105.3, who was recently shaken by the domestic violence arrest of station cornerstone Russ Martin.  Martin’s future with Live 105.3 is still uncertain, but the future of mid-day hosts Pugs & Kelly is not — they are gone.

There was much speculation that Greggo and Mike Fisher would replace P&K, but that honor has been bestowed on former Ticket utility players Ben & Skin.  But that’s not the only shakeup at Live 105.3, as reports surfaced yesterday that former Ticket nighttime host and current Live 105.3 nighttime host  Richard “Big Dick” Hunter has been signed by Rick Dees — yes, the renaissance man who foisted “Disco Duck” upon an undeserving America back in the ’70s — to a national syndication deal.

It’s hard to believe that the guy who once contributed to under the pseudonym Lil’ Teddy Champion is being groomed to become the next Howard Stern.  I have nothing but praise for and congratulations to “Big Dick.”  You may or may not like his brand of edgy radio, but one thing nobody can deny is he has the strongest work ethic of anyone in Dallas radio, bar none.  He’s earned this opportunity to try and attain GREAT SUCCESS!

In unrelated news, Bunny Ranch stock has risen 324% since yesterday morning.

Another Amazing Find

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The deep recesses of my external hard drive are proving to be truly treasure-filled, as I just found another amazing picture from The Ticket’s 10th Anniversary at the now-demolished Hard Rock Cafe back in 2004.  It’s Corby, Rhynes, Greggo and…RAFAEL PALMEIRO?!?  This was before his Hall of Fame-ruining finger-pointing testimony before Congress during the steroid hearings, so everyone was still hoppy, cited:

Man, what a bizarre picture!

Man, what a bizarre picture!